Dan Markham, who is known as the developer of a YouTube channel named “What’s-Inside-Family,” has purchased a single NFT (nonfungible token) in return for the Tesla Roadster of his own. On a video that he published on his respective channel on 15th September, Markham made an exchange of a Blue colored Roadster (having a worth of approximately a quarter-million dollars) with an NFT token. The content of the NFT consists of a project named “positive-porcupine” under VeeFriends, which was created by an artist called Eli Burton (also known for working at the back of The-Adventures-of-Starman, a graphic novel).

Markham stated that if someone would look at this decision after one, two, three, and more years, this would appear to be a seriously dumb move; however, this choice could also be regarded as a great one in another perspective. He added that in his consideration, these cars possess much value over a long period, and he does also have trust in NFTs. The YouTuber further stated that posting a picture of the car clearly shows that the purchaser (Eli Burton) had a good deal.

Burton revealed that his former plan was to sell his digital art in return for $100,000 in advance to know about the offer of Markham. According to him, the trade of the NFT and the car turned out to be as convenient as demand and supply. Across 10,000 tokens were at that time existing, and the value of each started from $60,000. About 40 parallel porcupines have been listed by VeeFriends with having several backgrounds. Markham moved on and elaborated that no significant difference exists in dealing with the matter from the perspective of money as in both cases, it is still considered as a collectible.

Although both of the collectors swapped the NFT through the technology of blockchain, the trade mainly dealt with the real world as Markham did physically hand over the key and the papers regarding Tesla. Presently, the porcupine is recorded on OpenSea having a big bid of nearly 16.339 “WETH” (Wrapped Ether) that value approximately $56,445 currently. Nonetheless, Markham signaled that he intends to save the NFT to get admission to a unique conference conducted for the tokens holders of VeeFriends.

Some of the crypto consumers have been doing some experimentation via connecting NFTs to the physical collectibles as some simultaneous auctions have been launched by an entrepreneur for launching a job application from Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple co.) as well as an NFT related to it. The selling of the actual paper was carried out at a maximum of $343,000, and 12 ETH (Ether) was the NFT’s final bid.