The recent social media “battle” between supporters of Solana and Polygon turned into a drama that the crypto community received with a very calm attitude and indifference.

Compared to other developments in the industry, this one seems like a friendly banter between people from two opposing camps.

The war is happening

While some believe that the crypto domain is a tight community of people, many projects are in direct competition against each other meaning that people have quite apparent interests and often have to fight them out in the open.

This particular public discussion started with a proponent of Solana throwing an accusation at Polygon that it was overly centralized and underfunded.

The founders of Polygon did not stay away from discourse and accepted the challenge. The battle began with user Helius Mumtaz taking it to Twitter to say that Polygon was better in all possible ways by focusing on several important factors:

  • Polygon managed to get over $451 million in funding from 48 venture capital companies against $315 million acquired by Solana from 38 VCs.
  • Unlike Solana, Polygon was focusing on acquiring companies and purchasing other businesses to bolster their product instead of developing.
  • The level of centralization at Polygon feels to be much higher compared to Solana and other competing networks.

The co-founder of Polygon decided to dismantle these accusations by pointing out that Solana depends on external funding more and that the network was unstable which was proven during a couple of outages.

However, the biggest thing that Sandeep Nailwal mentions is that many developers and businesses want to work with Ethereum instead of another layer-1 network with stability issues.

Polygon provides interfaces to work with the best and most developed blockchain network while Solana is struggling to get off the ground in a meaningful way.

Both are worth holding

Note that Solana is a competing network that does have potential. If Ethereum makes a big mistake during its lengthy development, tables may turn unexpectedly.

Both Polygon and Solana can be part of a solid portfolio despite disagreements between supporters of these competing projects.