Established in 2009, INFINOX claims to be not just a trading platform, but a trusted partner for traders all around the world.

Users holding an account with the broker benefit from the variety of CFDs covered, including FX, indices, shares, commodities, and tens of cryptocurrencies.

This multi-licensed brokerage accepts customers from all around the world, except for countries where local regulation does not allow for the provision of such services. People can start trading with as little as $50, but if you want to start trading with INFINOX, you should really read this review to find out what they have to offer.

trading CFDs with INFINOX

Social trading

Among the features making INFINOX stand out, social trading deserves special mention. The broker built from scratch the IX Social platform, which is software specifically designed for traders who wish to engage with a global community of traders. Based on stats shared by the company, the platform has 7000+ monthly active users and over 30 billion USD has been traded using it.

Auto-copy is facilitated with only a few clicks. That’s something to note for traders who still feel that they need to learn how to spot new opportunities. Basically, this social platform shares signals of expert traders, and beginner traders can copy their moves.

IX Intel

A second proprietary feature is IX Intel, which is a good place to study market-related content. Research, in-depth education, and the latest market news are constantly added to keep traders informed, and the material is of quality that most other brokers simply cannot provide.

IX Intel education section

Making accurate trading decisions in a fast-paced environment requires a rules-based approach. Only when traders understand why prices are behaving in a specific way, can they later design a healthy framework. IX Intel keeps information simple, so that even beginners are able to understand and learn from it.

Trading conditions

In case you are wondering how to open a trading account with INFINOX, the process is pretty straightforward and fast. You need to provide identification details and some documents to back that information.

Funding an account is possible by using multiple payment systems, accessible depending on your country of residence. The main individual accounts are STP and ECN, both of which carry similar trading features, except for spreads and commissions.

By doing this, INFINOX proves that a broker can target a wide audience, and not just focus on a niche of traders. There are also joint and corporate accounts available, as well as a demo account that is suited for beginners. If you want more details on these matters, just visit their website or talk to the company.

Speaking of which, contacting one of their agents is fast, and customer support is available using live chat and WhatsApp, on top of the classic support via email and phone. INFINOX is active on multiple social media platforms, where it shares information with its audience regularly.


This batch of features we’ve analyzed communicates that INFINOX has certainly managed to take every small detail into account. Customers can trade hundreds of assets, using reliable platforms, and benefit from tight trading costs. Also, backed by information shared via IX Intel, they are in a position to make healthy, rules-based decisions.