Among the coins that should attract the attention of investors, Shiba Inu looks like the strongest contender for a massive rally at the beginning of 2023.

The coin is still popular and has a solid trading volume despite losing a lot of value. The development team behind the meme coin is preparing multiple upgrades that are planned for the first quarter of the next year.

Together with the recovery of the market in general, rolling out new features and creating a lot of buzz within the Shiba Inu community may justify a massive bull run.

The last time people made a lot of money

From October 1 to October 28, people who held SHIB made about 1185% on their investments, with the price of SHIB jumping from $0.00000699 to $0.00008844.

It was a glorious moment for the whole crypto community. While we should not expect a surge of the same amplitude, even a small rally would bring massive profits to smart retail traders.

The current price of the token is just $0.00001014, which is just 45% higher than the low of October 2021. The 3-week RSI is showing us a very interesting picture as the indicator reached 40 and is still going down.

Trading volumes are also quite low, meaning that the market is ready to start rallying behind this meme coin.

Remember that meme coins are not tied to the overall market situation as major tokens. It is possible for something like Shiba Inu to shoot to the moon despite the bear market.

The same happened to Dogecoin, which is famous for surging up during bear market trends. The community behind Shiba Inu is capable of gathering for a solid push.

Shiba Inu is a good asset to track

If you have plans to invest in a token that has a good chance of performing well in your portfolio, SHIB is a good candidate.

While its chances to surge up dramatically are not a 100% guarantee, the low entry price is what makes it a good opportunity for small-time retail traders looking for risky yet profitable investments.