Several questions were quite hot during the panel meeting where fintech entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers discussed the future of online financial services. As an experienced builder of contemporary fintech solutions, Michael Zetser was one of the most active participants and talked about many ways in which the industry should go forward.

Connecting the world to crypto

One of the biggest topics discussed by experts was the fate of cryptocurrencies, considering the performance of major tokens during the year of 2022. While many people working in web 2.0 and offering solutions to tradfi were quite skeptical about digital assets, Michael Zetser had a very interesting position.

Mr. Zetser stated: “the world cannot run away from cryptocurrencies. They are the future, whether we like it or not. Yes, there is still a long road ahead, but the army of Bitcoin and Ethereum enthusiasts will not go away even if the majority of financial operators will reject them.

I believe that we must build solutions that can help regular users connect with crypto and start using coins on a regular basis.”

Michael Zetser also added that the world sees crypto only as a speculative asset, which is an expected outcome of what was happening during the last decade.

Nevertheless, the potential of DeFi platforms is real, and we may soon see a day when BTC is used as a traditional payment option instead of a glass jar for change.

“People think of Bitcoin as a deposit. There is a reason why the whole crypto community has a motto “DCA and hold”! To change this view of the crypto industry and various tokens, we need to provide a convincing reason to spend these coins.

Inflationary mechanisms, cheaper transactions, and accessibility will make crypto more popular among end users!”

Creating platforms that can outlast trends

When the discussion moved to entrepreneurship in the fintech industry, the panel was consumed by a heated argument. Many experts were talking about seizing the opportunity and building products that correspond with current trends, even if the long-term perspective seems unappealing.

Michael Zetser had an opposite idea. He stated: “the problem of modern entrepreneurs is that they do not see the big picture. They build products that can disrupt an industry or change the way we use money.

However, we should not only defy expectations and introduce “new and exciting”. We need to build useful products that people will be using today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.”

The fintech entrepreneur talked about his projects and specifically mentioned the approach he uses when creating a new product. Michael Zetser focuses on perfecting traditional financial tools and services by making them easy to use and complex at the same time.

Adding new features and trendy offerings is never the biggest priority. Instead, his creative process is focused on providing a good user experience enriched by these features.

If a platform wants to make transactions cheap and instant, it must first have the infrastructure and resources in place. Immediately jumping on a fleeting hype train is not something that an entrepreneur building a lasting service should be doing.

Sharing experience with others

During the final moments of the panel, Michael Zetser invited everyone to a master-class, during which he shared his tips on how to create unique products and achieve success in the fintech industry.

He spent about two hours explaining managerial techniques, priority selection, and personal growth. Listeners were able to ask questions and learn unique perspectives of this man on many issues in the world of online financial services.

The talk was a massive success and allowed many people to learn more from the creator of multiple financial gateways and unique products. Hopefully, we will see Michael Zetser on other panels and conferences.

He was a great addition to the list of experts and brought something unique to the table!