According to the latest predictions from the analysts, Ether (ETH) is going to deal a huge blow to its long-time rival Bitcoin (BTC). The analysts currently seem to be backing up ETH more than BTC, claiming BTC may remain bearish.

On the other hand, the analysts predict that ETH will launch its attack on BTC with an all-time high, demonstrating a constant parabolic performance rise.

The analysts as well as the reports from TradingView and Cointelegraph Markets Pro also provide supporting data for ETH’s victory of BTC. According to data, Ether will be able to achieve almost a three-year-high (TYH) against Bitcoin in the ETH/BTC pair very soon.

However, the predictions from analysts have even higher estimations for Ether that it will be able to achieve against Bitcoin. It is being predicted that ETH may make its moves very soon where it will end up hitting an all-time high against BTC.

From the looks of it, ETH will prove to be one of the most bullish narratives against the price of Bitcoin. The analysts predict that only a handful of cryptocurrencies will be able to build such a narrative against Bitcoin in the running month.

Even Galaxy, a prominent Twitter account that always makes well-calculated predictions has supported the analysts’ consensus against the ETH/BTC pair. The particular account shared optimistic predictions surrounding the particular pair in a tweet on December 3, 2021.

On Twitter, Galaxy claimed that the ETH/BTC may be getting ready to eclipse the entire market with the performance. The pair will be experiencing a high trend, moving in the upward direction. Even now, the pair is demonstrating high performance and it is expected to perform even better in the upcoming days.

The last high that the pair had reached was back in 2018. It is the first time since 2018 that ETH/BTC pair has managed to reach the 0.085 figure in the running week. Even at present, it is the spike from 2018 at 0.15 that stands as the strongest and all-time high.

According to ETH’s performance chart, it has managed to hit its all-time high but unlike BTC, it has managed to remain close to its all-time high. The data shows that ETH has even hovered within the 20% figure of achieving the $5,000 per ETH mark.

Another crypto-analyst shared his thoughts about ETH/BTC pair on his Twitter profile. He also backed the analysis and predictions made by Galaxy.

Even as Bitcoin’s price is below the $54k per BTC price at present, ETH is flying close to its all-time high of $4.8k per ETH. This means that ETH is not facing much resistance at the $4.8k figure and may be getting ready to hit another all-time high.