, a cryptocurrency exchange has made a major announcement about launching debit cards for users. According to the exchange, the new debit cards would be issued in alliance with Visa. and Visa to Offer Debit Cards

The officials at made an announcement on October 26, where they announced they had a piece of good news for the users.

The exchange is reportedly launching new debit cards for its users. These cards are to be introduced in partnership with Visa.

The exchange executives have confirmed that initially, the cards would be issued to US-based residents.

With the help of the new Visa debit cards, users would be able to make purchases and acquire services at any place where the Visa cards are accepted.

No matter whether the cardholders have cash or cryptocurrency balances in their cards, they will be able to make direct purchases from merchants and places where Visa is accepted.

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The teams also proceeded with sharing the benefits of holding the Visa debit cards.

The best part is that there are no annual or sign-up fees involved for the users, which is something that is scarce in the financial industry.

In addition to the above, the users would not even incur any fees when performing transactions. Another major benefit for the users is that there would be a 1% cashback on every transaction processed.

Peter Smith Shared Demand Rate for Cards

Peter Smith, the CEO at recently gave an interview with Yahoo Finance where he talked about the demand for their new cards.

He stated that even before the official announcement of the cards, they had rolled out an advanced sign-up option for the users.

He added that they have already received 50,000 requests for debit cards powered by Visa.

Peter Smith stated that there was a time when the adoption of cryptocurrencies was mainly for trading. However, the dynamics have started to shift and may continue to change over time.

The cryptocurrency industry is now shifting towards common usage where the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry is playing a major role.

Now, people are leaning towards using them for day-to-day purchases and paying for services.

Worldwide Acceptance is Necessary

Cuy Sheffield, the head of the cryptocurrency segment for Visa commented on the need for mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Sheffield stated that it is very important that the cryptocurrency industry needs to gain mainstream attention.

If that is to happen, then it needs to have as much exposure in the mainstream industry as possible. This is where Visa comes in as the company has been working really hard to bring crypto to the mainstream industry.

This would eventually help the cryptocurrency industry to grow significantly and gain worldwide recognition.