Read our Btcboosts mining review to see if this crypto mining platform is a scam or legit. Just to clear doubts, this is a review.

Btcboosts Scam

Are you interested in investing in cryptocurrencies? You need to bear in mind that some smart investment decisions have to be made to make the most of it. These days, cryptocurrency mining has become a major trend because it is proving to be quite profitable. Therefore, it is not surprising that a number of platforms have been established to help people participate in cryptocurrency mining. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you invest in the first platform that catches your eye because things are not what they appear. This Btcboosts review can help you understand why you need to be careful.

When you first come across Btcboosts, you will see that it is advertised as a young and fast-growing company that is part of the crypto mining world. They claim to have two mining data centers that they use for offering profits to their clients. The website comes off as extremely professional because it is clear and concise about everything. They have added good content that sounds very convincing and they also boast about the reputation and relevancy of their platform.

However, you have to be extremely cautious because the tactics used by Btcboosts are very common. As soon as you begin looking under the surface, you can see how their story just falls apart and shows that you cannot and should not trust them. How? Let’s find out:

Account registration

It is understood that you would need to register an account on any platform to use their services and the same is true for Btcboosts. What should send up a red flag is the fact that they do not charge you anything for registration and the process only takes ten minutes. Why would anyone not charge you for the account when they are going to give you profits? It does not add up and should be considered a warning sign.

Account verification

Another problem you will discover about Btcboosts is that they ask you to verify your account to be able to make withdrawals. Why is this a problem? You have to provide your credentials, which also include your ID card, and this can leave you vulnerable. You will also have to share your banking details, which means you can be easily exploited by cybercriminals.

License and registration status

Before you trust any platform with your money, or your personal information, you need to look at their license and registration status. After all, this shows if they are a legitimate platform or not and Btcboosts does not meet this criteria at all. Why? This is because they are not a licensed entity, even though they do have a Certificate of Incorporation on their website. This links lead you to the Company House’s homepage and the registration number mentioned on the certificate cannot be found anywhere. You can check the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s registers and not find Btcboosts listed anywhere.

Corporate background

Checking the corporate background of a company is also a must before you decide to use their services and it is a good step to take in the case of Btcboosts because it further shows their fraudulent nature. The address you find on their website belongs to an empty apartment building. There is no information about who owns the website, so you cannot determine who you are dealing with.

Customer Support

When you check the contact details provided on the Btcboosts website, you will find that they give a chat option and an email. The chat option is too slow and doesn’t work and they do not respond on emails. You will not find any phone support available on their website, which is also a concern. This shows that they have not given proper channels for reaching out to them.


When you take the many flaws that Btcboosts have, it is easy to conclude that it does not meet the criteria of a legitimate company and is a scam.