Circuits of Value (COVAL) has emerged as the highest-performing nonfungible token since the past week. Circuits of Value’s data according to TradingView shows that its price has surged by 56.25% since the past week. As of now, the price of Circuits of Value is currently at $0.1067 per COVAL. Circuits of Value has experienced a plummet in its trading volume that is worth 21.73%, bringing it down to $20,765,287. This means that as of now, the investors are holding onto the Circuits of Value tokens they have on them.

This means that the investors are bullish in terms of Circuits of Value’s price and they are aiming to increase its price. However, given the current situation of the overall market, it is expected that the bears may try to bring its price down in the upcoming days. So far, the only thing that is keeping the bulls motivated is the RSI that is in favor of the bullish sentiments. This means that the price of COVAL may continue growing.

Then the next cryptocurrency is Syscoin (SYS), which is also experiencing an uptrend in terms of its price. Syscoin’s uptrend is evident from its performance since the past week as it has grown by 44.51%. Syscoin has also continued with the same trend as its price has grown by 6.36% since yesterday. At the moment, Syscoin’s unit price is $0.8083. As for the trading volume in the past 24-hours, the 0.31% dive shows that the bulls are a bit stronger than the bears.

This is because they are currently holding on to Syscoin to increase its price. The bulls are currently purchasing Syscoin in order to push the digital asset and bring it close to the $1.00 mark. However, the bears are expected to pose great resistance as Syscoin comes close to the $0.90 mark. At this point, the bulls and the bears will have to show their strength. If the bears succeed, they will be able to push Syscoin’s price below $0.75, while success for bulls, means hitting $1.00.

Doge Dash (DOGEDASH) has earned the last spot in the particular list because it has also performed well in the past 7-days. The data shows that Doge Dash’s price has surged by 44.13% since the past week. The past 24-hours for Doge Dash have turned out to be even better than that of Syscoin as it has surged by 10.76% in the particular period. Following the surges, Doge Dash has managed to hit a price that is worth $0.001553 per Doge Dash.

For now, the trading volume for Doge Dash in the past 24-hours is 6,508,288, and it is currently experiencing a 1.57% increase in the volume. This means that the bears have started showing their strength at the $0.001553 figure by increasing their selling power. From TradingView, it can be observed that the bears may resist Doge Dash at $0.001600, aiming to bring it down to $0.001520 with their selling power.