• CRO coin forms a triple bottom pattern at $0.411, projecting a reversal.
  • com’s bounce off the vital support area of $0.441 might lead to a 16% upsurge.
  • Violating the support floor at $0.384 will cancel the bullish narrative for CRO.

Crypto.com (CRO) maintained its price actions around a critical support barrier. The consolidation appears to have created a bottom reversal formation, indicating a possible trend shift for CRO.

CRO Coin Targets Higher Highs

Crypto.com (CRO) crypto rebounded off the support floor at $0.441 on 8 January and saw two additional retests within the following nine days. The price actions formed a triple bottom pattern, confirming potential trend change to favor bullishness.

The daily demand territory in the $0.384 – $0.456 range seems to add credence to CRO’s bullish stands. Market players may wait for the $0.441 third tap to catalyze a massive upside move.

Market participants might enter a long position when the alt retest the $0.441 floor and target profit-booking at the resistance barrier of $0.512. Such a development will see traders capitalizing on a 16% price surge.

While everything appears bullish from the CRO token, failure to maintain beyond the $0.384 mark will nullify the triple bottom pattern. That will see Crypto.com losing its bullish picture on the 6hr candle close under $0.384.

Such a price move will form a lower low, shifting the favor to bears. That might trigger a potential $0.359 downward tendency. Nevertheless, market analysts believe CRO is ready for upward movements.

Crypto.com (CRO) Restores Withdrawals following a Hack

The exchange Crypto.com halted withdrawals and deposits services yesterday, 11 January, amid ‘unauthorized activity on several accounts. However, the platform stated that accounts are secure and restored withdrawal services.

Though the exchange claims users’ accounts are safe, a data analytic platform and blockchain security PeckShield revealed the crypto project lost a staggering $15 million in its latest theft, translating to 4,600 Ether. Crypto.com’s CEO Kris Marszalek tweeted that no client lost his funds, and the team had reinforced the platform’s security protocol.

Stay tuned for the attest updates.