The crypto economy has lost approximately $1.36 trillion since the beginning of this year, as its market capitalization has come down from $2.34 trillion in January to $979 billion currently.

The crypto economy is certainly down, total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols have gone down and trading volumes have declined.

However, there has been a 7.69% increase in the treasuries of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) since January.

The projects’ caches were able to add around $700 million in eight months.

DAO Treasuries grow

For the first time in history, the total amount of funds that are stored in the treasures of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs) touched the $10 billion mark on June 10th this year.

Even though the crypto market is plagued by bearish sentiment and prices are significantly lower, the values held in DAO treasuries have managed to survive the storm.

A total of $9.8 billion is held in DAOs, which are spread across 4,830 entities and this is just $200 million less than the aggregate value they held about 112 days earlier.

Despite being $200 million less, it is a fact that DAO treasures have actually managed to add $700 million since the beginning of the year.

The increase

The metrics indicate that on January 22nd, a total of $9.1 billion was held in DAO treasures that were spread across 4,227 organizations.

However, there has been a 7.69% increase since then because this number has gone up to reach $9.8 billion which is currently held in DAO treasures, which has happened in the last 251 days.

The largest DAO treasury in January had been Bitdao, which had $2.4 billion and with $2.1 billion, the second-largest at the time had been Uniswap.

In terms of treasury size, both Uniswap and Bitdao remain the top two DAOs in the market, but the former has managed to become the largest.

Other statistics

The total treasury size of Uniswap on October 1st was about $2.8 billion, while Bitdao’s cache has reduced to $1.3 billion on the same date from the $2.4 billion that it had at the start of the year.

Nonetheless, even with $1.3 billion in its DAO treasury, it is still the second-largest one in the market and the third spot is taken by ENS, which has about $1.2 billion in its treasury.

251 days earlier, ENS had been the 14th largest DAO and Lido Finance had been at the third spot. But, it has now gone down to fifth place as its treasury now contains $283 million.

Other than the top 3, the fourth spot is taken up by Gnosis, Lido comes fifth, Olympus DAO is sixth, Mango DAO takes the seventh spot, Merit Circle is the eighth, while Compound and Aragon Network are ninth and tenth, respectively.

Of the total $9.8 billion in DAOs treasuries today, governance token holders make up about 3.9 million and proposal makers and active voters are 698,400.

$1 million, or more is held in about 109 DAOs, while more than $1 billion is held only by three DAOs.