The developers behind Cardano (ADA) had managed to create much hype surrounding the latest upgrade (hard fork) for the digital asset. They dubbed the particular upgrade “Vasil” and over time, its hype continued rising in the cryptocurrency industry.

Hype Created Surrounding Vasil

By the development teams, Vasil was claimed to be one of the most important and needed upgrades for the Cardano network. It was claimed that the Vasil upgrade would be the answer to many issues that were faced with the traditional Cardano network.

The upgrade would also include updates and improvements that were much needed to make Cardano blockchain a highly advanced and demanded network in the industry.

Social media was filled with enthusiasts talking about the potential of the upgrade. Some even touted that the upgrade would greatly enhance the performance of the Cardano blockchain.

While many touted that Cardano would become a highly formidable platform for the competitors in the decentralized finance market.

The hype on Social Media

The Cardano enthusiasts took it to social media to talk about the upgrade for Cardano. On September 23, more than 52,470 mentions were made for the Cardano Vasil upgrade.

The figure was the highest recorded for any platform or upgrade being mentioned on social media in a 90-day period.

The report shows that in total, 2.32 mentions were recorded for the Cardano upgrade on social media platforms. The data was shared by Lunar Crash, which is a social media data collecting platform.

Cardano ‘Vasil’ Challenged ‘Merge’

As the development teams continued working on the development of Vasil, they continued taking on Merge, the highly anticipated upgrade for Ethereum.

The Cardano teams and followers continued challenging Ethereum for their Merge, which was also the biggest upgrade for the Ethereum blockchain.

The Vasil development teams even went on to claim that their upgrade would prove to be the killer of Ethereum.

Price Movement of Cardano

Despite the constant promotion and hype created surrounding the upgrade, Cardano has not recorded a significant rise in its value throughout the period.

The past 90-day performance of Cardano shows that its value has recorded a 9.18% dip while Ether has recorded a 7.62% surge in the same period.

This goes to show that despite the efforts, Cardano has not been able to compete with Ether, let alone its upgrade.

Not Much Promised for Vasil

Despite the hype and the high reception prior to the Vasil upgrade, the Merge by Ethereum had a higher following. Unfortunately, Ethereum has not done much or has not even moved following the implementation of the Merge on September 15.

This means that Vasil will not be able to perform either as the upgrade seemed to have claimed to introduce similar utilities and conveniences for the users.