Google, one of the largest tech companies in the entire world has made an announcement in regard to its exploration of Web3 technology.

The tech giant has announced that it has worked on the development and is now ready to launch the Blockchain Node Engine (BNE).

Blockchain Node Engine

According to the latest updates by Google officials, they are planning on launching Blockchain Node Engine (BNE) that they have developed in-house.

The particular Blockchain Node Engine is being developed on Google Cloud and the plans are to run it on the same platform.

Purpose of the BNE

As the name suggests, the Blockchain Node Engine would act as a hosting service for nodes. Through the platform, Web3 companies would be able to perform several tasks.

These tasks would include writing or reading the blockchain data directly, deploying smart contracts, and relaying transactions. All of these tasks would be carried out through Google Cloud.

The officials have communicated that the BNE would be supporting multiple blockchain networks. However, the first blockchain network it is aiming to support is none other than the Ethereum blockchain.

Statement by Google

The teams at Google stated that it could turn out to be a highly time-intensive process when it comes to manually deploying a node.

The process comprises several tasks that include waiting to ensure that the network and the node are in sync. Prior to that, it needs to be ensured that the Ethereum client is installed.

There is also the most critical part that includes the provisioning of a compute instance.

This is where the BNE comes in for Google Cloud which would help in making the process much easier and faster. The developers would be able to take advantage of the BNE to set up new nodes.

The users would not have to go through much of a hassle or lengthy process for the deployment of the node. All the developers have to do is specify the desired network and region.

Protection of the Protocol

With the help of the cloud service, Google would be able to offer a virtual private cloud firewall to all the deployed nodes.

Through the platform, the users would be able to communicate with the endpoints without any difficulties. As for the machines, only the trusted ones would be allowed to connect through the firewall.

Google wants to be at the forefront of Web3 technology as it is aiming to compete with the likes of Meta.

For this purpose, Google has been partnering with major entities within the crypto-verse such as Coinbase. With the help of Coinbase, Google wants to bring in modes of payment for users.

This could eventually mean that the crypto market would feel a major bump in the upcoming days.