Mastercard, one of the largest global payments giants is eager to become a key contributor to the constant growth and development of the crypto industry.

For this purpose, it has launched a fintech accelerator program, calling it the “Mastercard Start Path” program.

The purpose of the program is to provide support to startups entering the crypto-blockchain industry.

Induction of Several Startups

Ever since the program has been launched, multiple startup businesses within the crypto-blockchain industry have been inducted into it.

In the latest reports, Mastercard has proceeded with choosing seven more startups that would become part of the program.

These firms would be part of the Start Path and would be benefiting tremendously from the resources offered by Mastercard.

It was on November 3, when the officials at Mastercard made the announcement surrounding the adoption of seven more startup companies.

Names of the Companies

Mastercard has also released the names of the seven new companies it has added to the program.

The list of companies includes Uptop, a platform that is oriented toward brands. Take Back the Mic, a fintech project is based on the blockchain network.

The list continues including Quadrata, which has started as a privacy offering platform within the crypto-verse. Loot Bolt, is a provider of the social payments system, which is based on the Web3 platform.

As the list goes on, it also includes Stable, which is a firm based in Colombia, focused on the issuance of stablecoins. It also includes Digital Treasures Center, a cryptocurrency payments platform based in Singapore.

Fasset is also among the supported companies by the program, which is a cryptocurrency gateway provider.

Mastercard has been working closely with Fasset since July. It has been jointly working with Fasset to bring in as much financial inclusion as possible in Indonesia by working on multiple digital solutions.

One of the Major Goals

Mastercard has announced that the major goal they want to achieve is to bridge the gap between the Web2 ecosystem and the Web3 ecosystem.

Mastercard wants to bring as much innovation and developments to the Web3 and Web2 technologies as possible. To achieve this, it has been working hard to support as many creators as possible.

It is important for Mastercard to build strong communities, digital assets, ease of access, and so much more among startups.

Mastercard Start Path

Mastercard Start Path was launched back in 2014 and it exists as a six-month program that is known for accelerating the adoption of Web3 and Web2 technologies.

Throughout the accelerator program, the startups are supported with commercializing and expansion of their business in a particular space.