RobotEra has recently announced the launch of a presale of a cryptocurrency token targeting the metaverse. The new token has been dubbed as “TARO” toke.

Presale Launched by RobotEra

The officials at RobotEra have announced that they have launched the presale for the TARO token. The teams have announced that the new token would be launched through the Ethereum blockchain.

According to the teams, they are working on the development of a metaverse that would be based on the metaverse platform. The TARO token would act as the native token on the particular platform.

The teams have revealed that the particular metaverse would be able to the users in the form of a “Sandbox”.

The users would gain the opportunity of using and collaborate with the particular sandbox. Using the platform, the creators would be able to develop and launch metaverse-based buildings and NFT-based lands.

Remarks by Market Observers

According to the crypto market observers, RobotEra has a very bright future ahead of it. This is because RobotEra is launching a cryptocurrency that would be available within the metaverse.

The metaverse is among the fastest growing industries, which is not only gaining popularity within the crypto-verse but on a global scale.

The company is targeting the metaverse, and LBANK Labs would be responsible for boosting funds from their end. Over time, the platform aims to gather as much momentum as possible.

As the token is available through the presale, it is expected that the trading price of the digital asset would rise significantly. Over time, RobotEra aims to gain worldwide adoption by debuting through crypto exchanges.

The platform already has a strong following building up. This will be a great opportunity for the platform to grow and build an even stronger user following as it goes live.

As the token gets enlisted on more cryptocurrency exchanges, it would gain more market adoption.

Alpha Version to Launch in 2023

According to RobotEra officials, the goal is to launch the protocol’s alpha version by 2023. As of now, they are targeting the first quarter of 2023 but it may change given the market conditions.

The presale of the token has already begun on November 10. So far, the platform has sold more than 300,000 TARO. At the time of writing, the selling price of the TARO token is $0.020.

As announced, the users can visit the RobotEra website and start purchasing their tokens. Market analysts have predicted that the value of the token may surge 25% just as the token enters its 2nd presale stage.

As revealed, the presale would be based on three stages where they aim to sell 90 million TARO per stage. With the total count rising up to 270 million TARO, it would represent 15% of TARO’s total circulation.