As the day is progressing, The Sandbox (SAND) has experienced a slight dip worth 1.83% in the past 24-hours. However, the weekly performance demonstrated by SAND shows that it has experienced 37.75% in the past 7-days.

At the time of writing, the price of SAND is at $6.62, which is means that the weekly trend suggests its price may continue growing. On the performance scale, SAND shows that currently, the demand is high for SAND from a bullish perspective.

The bulls are currently aiming to push the price of SAND in the upper direction. Even the overall sentiment for SAND is in the “buy” zone, which means that SAND may soon experience a rally in its price.

The sell:neutral:buy a scale for SAND shows that it is currently exhibiting figures that are 2:9:15. This goes to show that currently, there are strong sentiments from the investors’ end in buying SAND than selling it.

Even if the bears attempt to bring SAND’s price down, they may have to exert a lot of selling pressure to achieve the goal. For now, the ball is in the bulls’ court and they may increase their buying power to move SAND’s price higher.

In the first attempt, the bulls may attempt to push its price all the way up to $7.4302 per MANA. The particular figure is the first resistance mark for MANA and the bears may resist a particular figure by attempting to create a dip.

From this particular point, the investors may attempt to push the price of SAND higher, bringing it all the way up to $8.2612 per MANA. This would again be a strong resistance mark for SAND that would help bulls launch another major rally.

If the bulls succeed in pushing its price higher, then they may be able to push its price even higher. The bulls may attempt in bringing their price all the way up to the third strong resistance market ($8.7059).

On the contrary, the bears may attempt in pulling the price of MANA below the current price. Their first attempt would be to pull its price below the $6.3243 per MANA mark.

From the particular mark, the bears may intensify their selling power in order to pull its price lower than the strong support mark. If the bears continue with their selling spree, they may be able to pull its price further below the second strong support mark. At present, the second support mark for MANA is $5.5167.

If MANA’s price falls down to the second strong support mark, they may trigger another major selling spree to pull its price all the way down to $4.8789 per MANA.