The price analysis report shared by CoinMarketCap shows that Yeager Inu (YEAGER) has observed a positive trend in the past 24-hours. The data suggests since yesterday, YEAGER has observed a 167.92% surge in its price. The surge has helped YEAGER observe its price all the way up to $0.00000000002542 per YEAGER.

As of now, YEAGER’s price seems to be observing a high trend, which is clear from its performance in the past hour. Even in the past hour, YEAGER’s price has continued experiencing a growth that is worth 100.67%. Even the trading volume for YEAGER is experiencing a high trend as it has surged by 323.03%, in the past 24-hours. The trading volume for YEAGER has grown all the way up to $194,929.

The forecast surrounding YEAGER’s price suggests that the bulls may continue outnumbering the bears and keep pushing their price higher. The constant pouring of funds by bulls for more accumulation of YEAGER may push its price all the way up to $0.00000000006244 per YEAGER.

As YEAGER is a new cryptocurrency, it is expected that the bears may lose their confidence in YEAGER and its price may experience a dip. As a result, the price of YEAGER may come all the way down to $0.00000000000945 per YEAGER.

Coming up next is Meta MVRS (MVRS) that has also debuted as a strong and rallying cryptocurrency. The data from CoinMarketCap suggests that MVRS’s price has surged 154.85% in the past 24-hours. MVRS’s price has continued surging even in the past hour and so far, it seems to be experiencing a high trend.

Due to the high trend, MVRS’s price has continued rising and so far, it is observing a unit price worth $0.0000302.

The data shows that in the upcoming days, MVRS’s price may continue to grow higher. The investors may attempt pushing its price higher, bringing it all the way up to $0.0000602 per MVRS.

Then it is NFT Worlds (WRLD) that is observing a surge in its price and has continued doing so in the past 24-hours. The data shows that its observed growth in the past 24-hours has been 143.09%. At the time of writing, NFT Worlds’ unit price is at $0.189 and it may continue growing in the upcoming days.

Even the growth observed by WRLD in the past hour has been positive, and it has exhibited 140.22% growth. Given the current situation and growth of WRLD, it is expected that it may continue growing upwards. In the upcoming das, the price of WRLD may hit a unit price worth $0.263 per WRLD.

If the bears try to bring its price lower, they may do it increasing the selling pressure. As a result, the price of WRLD may come down to $0.124 per WRLD.