• Solana’s price recorded double-digit surges over the previous week following the partnership with a leading South Korean gaming platform.
  • Developers await the Solana Miami, set to launch on 5 April 2022.
  • Analysts remain bullish on SOL, forecasting continued uptrends for the altcoin.

Solana gained around 11% within the previous week, recovering from price slumps. SOL’s latest updates and partnerships have ensured a bullish thesis among crypto investors. For now, the crypto rides upside waves, contemplating further increases.

Solana Stretches Upside beyond $100

Solana’s price contemplated further upside as the token sustains beyond the $100 mark. While analysts note a bullish strength for the ETH killer, SOL recorded double-digit upswings.

Moreover, the community remains bullish on SOL price following the latest partnership news with a leading South Korean gaming platform. Updates within the Solana network triggered bullish sentiment by investors.

Solana declared the Solana Miami event, calling developers to enter and build using the crypto’s network. The event will launch on 5 April. Solana Miami will include the Hacker House event, which calls SOL’s developer community to create apps offline, taking advantage of in-person guidance.

Solana network welcomes merchants and artists within the Miami area to the event to present their work to the crypto community. Meanwhile, analysts evaluated SOL’s price actions and forecasted uptrend continuation for the alternative token beyond $100. @TraderKoz remains optimistic on the ETH-Killer, stating that Solana exhibits a sturdy trend.

Crypto expert at @TrendRidersTR trusts SOL price tests rider band on its daily and 4hr chart. Solana might keep the $100 mark away if its steadies at its current zones for some days.

Why is Solana Rising

The Solana blockchain has proved enough to compete with leading blockchains in the crypto space. Solana took the DeFi industry by stop, quickly rallying to join top projects by market capitalization. However, the immense uptrends had drawbacks as the token mimicked broad markets’ downtrends.

The latest partnership between Krafton and Solana also boosted the token’s value. SOL responded to the partnership news by breaking the $80 range highs to explore $103 within a few hours.

The rally extended towards Friday as Solana peaked beyond $104 before retracing back. Meanwhile, the upward rally means lucrative actions for the alt as it stays beneath the 50-day MA.