Taxation on crypto has been a widely discussed topic with people having varying opinions about it. However, this was not something that was talked about quite often initially. One of the reasons behind it is the fact that very few people were aware of what crypto was and the massive impact it could make. In addition to that, most governments seemed to be quite uninterested whenever the matters of crypto were brought up.

However, things are quite different now as crypto trading is incredibly different and offers a wide range of options to people who want to make investments in it. The reason why crypto trading has been on the up and up as of late is because people can trade safely and securely thanks to the regulations imposed by many governments all over the world. If you are new to the landscape of crypto, you may be wondering why regulations are important, to begin with.

Well, there were plenty of issues that people faced when trading over the years and one of them happened to be scams. Since there was nobody to safeguard and watch over how crypto trading was being conducted, it was quite easy for hackers and scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting traders. This resulted in people losing loads and loads of money. Issues like these happened for years and years, causing many people to abandon trading altogether.

Fortunately, however, many governments are now addressing these concerns and one of the things they are doing to safeguard crypto trading is introducing a wide variety of regulations. While not every country has introduced these legislatures and bills for protecting crypto trading, many of them have. A large number of experts believe that plenty of other countries will follow suit sooner rather than later. One of the countries that showed very little interest in legalizing crypto trading happened to be South Korea.

However, with an increased amount of people from this country showing interest in crypto trading, it only made sense for the South Korean government to allow crypto trading. However, it did so by introducing some bills and regulations to ensure people can trade safely. In addition to that, South Korea also planned to implement crypto taxes this year, but according to a large number of reliable resources, it seems like the plans will be delayed to 2023.

While there is no reason offered behind delaying the taxation plans, many people think that it could be because of loopholes. Since the crypto trading world is vast and changes quite rapidly, regulators must iron out every little detail before finalizing the taxation requirements to ensure everything is smooth and streamlined.