When the entire cryptocurrency industry is experiencing a downtrend, there is one particular cryptocurrency that has been experiencing an uptrend. The name of the particular cryptocurrency is UFO Gaming (UFO) that has been gaining a lot of value since the time of its launch.

The token was launched back on July 1, 2021, and at that time, its price was at $0.0000006440. Starting from a price of $0.0000006440, UFO’s price managed to surge all the way up to $0.00005592 on November 25, 2021, which is the all-time high for UFO.

The data from CoinMarketCap shows that from the time of launch until November 25, 2021, UFO’s price had surged by 8,683.23%. However, after hitting an all-time high, the price of UFO took a plunge worth 48.89% and as of now, its price is at $0.00002821.

Although UFO’s price has experienced a slight dip, it is still in the high trend. It is currently among the list of cryptocurrencies that have been demonstrating promising growth despite the downtrend of the entire crypto-verse.

The analysis carried out by the on-chain data analyzing firms shows that UFO Gaming’s price has surged by 656.92% since the past 90-days. Coming down to the past 60-day performance, UFO Gaming has continued with its high trend and has experienced a 344.03% surge.

Just like the former periods, even the past 30-day growth has been 26.33% negative. As for the past 7-days and past 24-hours, UFO Gaming’s price has surged by 28.15% and 0.47% respectively.

This is a clear demonstration of how promising the digital asset is and how far it can grow in the upcoming days. The coin has been demonstrating a lot of growth and even in the upcoming days, the analysts it is going to grow.

As of now, the performance trendline for UFO Gaming is in the bullish zone. The trend seems to be elevated to a higher point, demonstrating growth in the upcoming days.

The trading volume being recorded by UFO Gaming in the past 24-hours is $47,158,919, which is following a 56.57% growth. The growth rate for trading volume around this figure means that the bulls are currently in power and they are buying more UFO Gaming to increase its price.

The data surrounding UFO Gaming shows that by increasing the buying power, they may be trying to push its price over the $0.00003000 mark. At present, the $0.00003000 price is the resistance benchmark for UFO Gaming, where the bears may come into action.

However, if things go in favor of the bulls, they will be able to cross the $0.00003000 figure. Then, the bulls may increase their buying power to bring UFO Gaming up to the $0.00005000 figure.