There were few cryptocurrencies and tokens that managed to stand the test of time following the first surge of Bitcoin. Ethereum and XRP are some of the oldest names in the crypto market, with each of them representing a new and innovative turn for the market.

However, while Ethereum managed to get on the fast track to becoming the second biggest crypto on the platform, XRP very much got the short end of the stick. Not only did it focus on a more niche side of the crypto market, but it was soon tangled into a major lawsuit against the SEC.

While XRP has been stuck in a very similar situation for years now, the case is finally coming to a close, and the market is ready to give this cryptocurrency a king’s welcome. Even now, XRP has a major bullish run where people are making ridiculous claims that it could end up reaching as high as $5 in as little as a month.

Rallying through Adversity

Oddly enough, the story of XRP and the crypto market has been very motivating for nearly every other cryptocurrency. Despite the market seeing a sharp decline recently, with over $2 trillion lost in a matter of days, the market has started to pull itself together and really start to rally.

And with the bullish rally that XRP is having right now, You almost want to believe that it can soar that high in such a short time.

Support from the Community

Along with having so much support from the rest of the community, XRP is also benefitting from the frustration that investors are currently feeling toward the feds. As the feds take on a very aggressive approach to hiking interest rates, investors are continuously unable to really invest in the stocks that they like as prices continue to fall.

Therefore, standing in support of XRP is very much like taking a stand against the feds and their anti-investor decisions.

XRP Sees No Ceiling for Possible Growth

One of the best things about XRP right now is that there is not really an end in sight for just how much it will grow. Given the unique market conditions and how much support XRP is getting from the rest of the crypto community, it can be hard to see that all of this momentum will stop anytime soon.

Furthermore, even if XRP doesn’t manage to win the case and just settles, the settlement will certainly have some way of clearing regulatory uncertainty. This is still an absolute win for XRP since it can still make bullish moves off the new technology that it will be developing soon.

And as XRP reaches its all-time high, investors have high hopes for how this cryptocurrency will pan out.