• Axie Infinity developers announce a new battle experience, Origin, which offers players three Axies for free.
  • The latest announcement shows Origin’s Alpha version may hit the marketplace by 2022 March-end.
  • Analysts remain bullish for AXS price.

Axie Infinity’s latest upgrade will ensure a more inclusive gaming economy provides players with free Axies. Market players highly await the Origin update due to its high-end onboarding experience and sending metaverse gaming adoption higher.

AXS Price Surges Higher Following Origin Upgrade Announcement

Axie Infinity’s updated release guarantees users a new interface, unique effects, and free Axies to recruit friends and family into the gaming community. Axie Infinity developers Sky Mavis seem dedicated to taking p2e gaming to more audiences.

The developers are yet to finalize the release, planning to launch the update before the 2022 first quarter-end. The Alpha test will allow developers to refine the gaming platform before the final release. Meanwhile, Origin won’t offer AXS or SLP rewards during the Alpha test phase. Moreover, a formal launch will reset trainer resources and progress.

Season 0 will come after the Alpha phase, executing test window feedback to the update’s final release. Meanwhile, SLP earning will switch to Origin from Battler v2. Battles v2 will run with Season 0, shutting down after transition completion.

Enthusiasts trust the Origin launch will mean positive sentiment for AXS price. The gaming coin kick-started the upswing with a 4% gain. FXStreet analysts evaluated AXS price bias and observed that the altcoin plummeting beneath $55 shows a bearish market.

Experts suggest that Axie Infinity hit a new record low or successive weeks. The indicator shows that AXS might change the narrative and launch a lucrative rally.

For now, Axie Infinity might see an increased population with the awaited bonus feature for gamers. The platform will soon launch Origin, guaranteeing users free Axies. It is undeniable that such developments will lead to bullish reactions by AXS.

Also, the booming metaverse gaming sector may back the token’s upsurges. That means AXS can keep its upsurges intact. Remember, developers plan to introduce the new playing experience before the 2022 Q1 end.

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Editorial credit: FellowNeko / shutterstock.com