• Starlink may soon accept Dogecoin as a payment option.
  • Tesla CEO replied with a winking emoji to the community members.
  • SpaceX and Tesla have a connection with Dogecoin.

The world’s billionaire Elon Musk hinted that Starlink, one of his companies, may soon approve DOGE as a payment method. The Tesla CEO advocates for the canine-themed crypto despite Dogecoin staying nearly 80% beneath its record high.

Starlink to Accept DOGE Soon

Elon Musk hinted that the internet service provider Starlink might start accepting DOGE to complete transactions. The CEO was replying to a question by one of the Dogecoin community members on when the firm will accomplish the move, after which Elon used a winking emoji to respond.

Starlink is a firm that aims to provide a high-speed internet connection to users in regions with poor internet access. The company has launched almost 2,000 functional satellites. Furthermore, Starlink charges about $99 per month on its services, whereas the hardware equipment costs $499.

Indeed, DOGE is Musk’s darling. The executive has supported the original meme coin for low, contributing to its surges many times. SpaceX, his other company, may introduce DOGE payment. Nevertheless, SpaceX already interacts with Dogecoin. The space exploration firm endorsed the meme coin for DOGE-1 moon duty. The company will launch the operation within 2022 first quarter.

Meanwhile, Tesla went all on DOGE. The electric car firm introduced BTC payments in 2021. Nevertheless, the billionaire stopped the initiative, citing environmental issues related to BTC mining activities. Meanwhile, Tesla revealed holding Bitcoin holdings worth $2 billion in the latest filing with the United States SEC.

Recently, Tesla declared that its customers could use Dogecoin to buy selected merchandise. The news had Dogecoin price spiking to new highs. Moreover, Musk asked McDonald’s to introduce DOGE payments late last month. However, the food joint is yet to announce the move.

DOGE Returns to Top 10

Dogecoin hasn’t performed well recently, its price trends replicating the overall crypto sector. The meme coin has managed to return to the top ten crypto-list by value. While publishing this blog, Dogecoin ranked 10 in Coinmarketcap, changing hands around $0.1445. The dog coin’s market cap sits at $19.19 billion, surpassing AVAX’s 19.13 billion.

Editorial credit: rafapress / shutterstock.com