• ADA has witnessed its trading volume increasing by 41%.
  • The alt’s market capitalization also jumped by 2.53%.
  • It might be the time to purchase Cardano tokens.

Cardano (ADA) is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain ecosystem based on peer-analysis research and designed with evidence-based approaches. ADA is a native token that runs the Cardano network. Meanwhile, the network seems to witness several developments.

“Coollaunch,” Cardano IDO LaunchPad as a Growth Catalyst

Yesterday, reports emerged on how Cardano accomplished the planting over 1 million trees objective. Meanwhile, the Coollaunch team declared launching on the Cardano platform on 10 January. Coollaunch targets to simplify challenges that users meet. They include securing funds to fund projects

The Coollaunch IDO Launchpad backs next-generation NFTs, ideas, and metaverse projects via a fair and decentralized manner, using the Cardano network. Meanwhile, the seed sale was live on 11 January 2022.

Furthermore, the COOL tokens in a client’s wallet determine IDO allocation weight. However, users should vote on governance concepts on the platform. Such developments contributed to Cardano ecosystem growth and might see ADA token value growing.

Should You Buy ADA?

Cardano wavered around $1.15 on 11 January. Meanwhile, the altcoin presents an upside trend. However, we may have to analyze the alt’s journey to ATH and latest price performance for a clear picture of where ADA is heading.

ADA hit its all-time peak on 2 September 2021 when the crypto explored the value area of $3.09. The alt stands at $1.94 of 168% lower than its record highs.

According to Cardano’s December performance, the token touched its highest level on 2 December, trading around 41.75. Meanwhile, ADA was in its lowest price on 17 December, when it plunged towards $1.20. That means the alt dropped by 31% or $0.55.

For now, $1.15 is a solid level for buying ADA as the token has a high probability of reaching $2 before January ends. Nevertheless, nothing is a guarantee in this industry.

For that reason, research as much as possible before investing in any crypto projects. If you can manage the associated risks, you can use platforms like eToro and bitFlyer to buy ADA tokens.