The leading crypto Bitcoin has hovered under pressure within the past sessions and explores levels of $41.5K for now. The latest market correction sent jitters while damaging investor sentiments. Nevertheless, these three alts may be game-changers this month.

Terra (LUNA)

Terra’s LUNA recorded its ATH at $100 over the previous month, and the alt has retracement approximately 30% since then. Nonetheless, crypto has shifted its narrative once more over this weekend. While publishing this blog, LUNA wavered near $72, following a 3% gain. Meanwhile, Terra’s market capitalization stood around $26 billion.

LUNA appears to have lots of steam left, considering the rapid surge by its stablecoin UST. TerraUSD joined the top 20 digital tokens by market capitalization. That is because UST secures multiple applications in DeFi. Moreover, platforms like Fantom, Avalanche, and Curve Finance use stablecoin.

The deflationary mechanism between LUNA and UST is pretty fascinating. Each time an individual utilizes the stablecoin buns part of LUNA. That way, LUNA supply lessens each time market players mint UST, driving the token’s price high. With that, the latest retracement might be a lucrative bargain opportunity for new entries.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon network has benefited a lot from Ethereum’s high fees and may continue with that. MATIC was among the 2021 December best-performers as the alt recorded an ATH of $2.85. However, the crypto has retraced by over 30% since then, holding beyond $2 at the moment.

Nevertheless, Polygon undergoes massive expansion, implementing high-end technologies such as zk-Rollups. Recent reports indicate that 0cPolygon bridges noted inflows amounting to $500 million in December’s final week.

2021 December last week saw about 2M ‘smart’ contracts deployed on Polygon, higher than Ethereum’s 105,000. That shows more blockchain fans preferring Polygon. That way, MATIC can surge to $10 and join the top 10 crypto-list before the year ends or in the upcoming months.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink has struggled to decouple market trends. LINK has inched high regardless of the downside market pressure. While writing this blog, the alt trades 4% up at $27. LINK has a higher probability of rallying high this year amid vital developments.

2021 had Chainlink attaining a massive milestone, registering $75 billion in TVS (Total Value Secured), making it’s the 2nd most value-securing decentralized platform in the DeFi market.

Also, Chainlink hosts over 1000 projects, with over half of them joining the LINK ecosystem last year. Such developments may support the Chainlink rally to higher levels.