Global CTB Review

When traders sign up with an online company, there is always that one reason they can always give you when you ask them why they are signing up with that particular company. I have seen online trading services providers lure their traders through welcome bonuses, promotions, and other similar things. However, I think that the best way to get the attention of traders is to give them security. That’s where Global CTB really excels. I will tell you in this Global CTB review why this company has beaten its competitors and why traders consider it the safest.

It is quite an achievement to be considered a safe trading platform by hundreds of thousands of your traders. These traders come from all walks of life and many parts of the world. What is the company doing right that’s making these individuals feel so safe and comfortable while trading with it? I think I have known the secret after researching for several months. Know about it in this review.

Fulfills All Legal Responsibilities

If you look at the list of legal responsibilities that online trading services providers have to fulfill, you will be shocked because of how long it is. There are a very few companies that are able to keep up with this ever-growing list of regulations. Global CTB, on the other hand, has been keeping up pretty well, and I think with ease. The adherence to KYC and AML policies is only the start. The company is also registered to provide the trading services to you. The registration number is right there on the website for you. Your funds go in a segregated accounts and all the information that you give on the website goes through encryption.

Last but not least, you will be happy to know that all the terms and conditions, privacy policies, withdrawal and deposit policies, and much more is available on the website. This is what shows how transparent this broker is.

Ideal Customer Support System

It might not sound like a big thing, but you will know its worth once you spend some time online researching trading platforms. In most cases, I have found out that they don’t provide you with their physical addresses. I am not sure what the reason is but they think the phone number suffices. However, the philosophy is completely different with this broker. This company is all about providing all the details to win trust. Its physical address is given on the website. In addition to that, for you to contact, the company has provided you with not one or two, but five different phone numbers.

If you want to get in touch with the company through email, you again have 3 different options. Tell me how many other companies have you seen with these many points of contact? More interestingly, before you even get in touch with the company, I recommend you visit the FAQs on the website, which will probably answer all your concerns.

Only Safe Deposit Methods

First of all, you have to agree that the list of deposit methods with this company is probably the longest you will see. You can deposit your money through the safest methods available. You can use Visa or MasterCard credit and debit cards. The bank wire transfer option is available too. Another thing that makes the company unique is that the minimum amount you can deposit is only $250. You can deposit your money in your trading account in the form of USD, EUR, and GBP. Last but not least, deposit funds in your account without paying any commissions on the deposits.

Final Thoughts

You can see how a company creates a system in which its traders feel safe. There are many other brokers you can sign up with, but I am sure you will not get the same level of security and safety on those platforms that you get here. When your money, information, and identity are safe, you can trade freely and use your maximum potential to earn profits.