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Winbitx Review

Freedom is a word thrown around quite frequently in the world of online trading. In most cases, you will hear online brokers telling you that they give you the freedom to trade the way you want. I have to disagree with most of them because I have tried many of these options. They look great from a distance, but as soon as you sign up with these companies, they bring forth the many hidden regulations and policies. The only company that I think gives you the sense of freedom is Winbitx. My Winbitx review is dedicated to giving you as much information about this company as possible so you can make the right decision.

I am not forcing you to believe anything or pushing you to sign up with the company. All I want is you to learn the truth so you can search for the option that you think will bring the best opportunities in your life. So, let’s go ahead and see how this company gives you the true sense of freedom while trading.

Currencies, Stocks, Metals, and More for Trading

What more could you ask for? When you sign up with this company, it gives you access to all the assets in dozens of financial markets from around the world. While other companies only make big claims, I have seen that Winbitx really delivers what it promises you. So, if you look at the asset index, the first thing you will notice is that you can trade many types of assets in the form of CFDs. You can trade forex currency pairs with leverages, put your investments in the direction of stocks, or go with indices. You can also trade treasures, bonds, and much more.

The good news is that Winbitx has brought you the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies as well. If you wish to try your trading skills with precious metals, you have gold, silver, and platinum available right on your trading platform.

Trade with Trading Tools and More

The trading tools are many that you will have on your platform as soon as you start trading on it. The trading platform itself is very powerful, but the reinforcement it gets from the trading tools really makes it worth every moment you spend on the platform. You can use calculators to know your potential risks or try out market news and insights to get a heads-up on where the markets are heading in the coming days. Furthermore, you will be happy that this trading platform is available to you on all your devices that you use today.

The desktop version looks great on your desktop computer, but can’t be installed on your mobile. If you want to use the platform on your mobile, you can go with the mobile version as well. You will get alerts, market insights, analytical videos, and much more on your platform. The best thing is that you will also get trading signals to give you direction on each trade.

Personal Assistants and Risk-free Trades

Do you know when you feel the real freedom? It is when you can trade without the risk of losing. Can you really trade without any risks of losing? Well, it is not possible regularly but when you sign up with Winbitx, you can do that. Starting from the gold account, which you can open with just 50,000 EUR, you will have some risk-free trades in your account. This type of trade means that you can enter the trade but you will not lose money if you are not successful with the trade. Furthermore, you have personal assistants who will help you with your account-related matters, keeping you worry-free.

Final Thoughts

The company is dedicated to helping its traders in every way possible. You can call the company during week days or get in touch with the representatives through email. The best thing is that you can get help right on the website through the live chat feature.