Shiba Inu officials have just made an announcement in regard to their new partnership with a travel booking website. The sources have confirmed that Shiba Inu’s latest partnership is with Travala.

Shiba Inu Partners with Travala

The latest reports have confirmed that Shiba Inu has partnered with Travala, a travel booking website that offers the facility to pay in cryptocurrencies.

The Shiba Inu officials were excited to reveal that Travala’s partnership is exclusive to their meme coin. This means that no other cryptocurrency will be able to form the same partnership with them.

This is a positive indication for Shiba Inu’s price movement in the bullish territory in near future.

With Travala allowing payments for trips and bookings only in SHIB, the meme coin will witness a significant boost in trading price.

This is exactly what the SHIB investors needed as the coin always lacked adoption by mainstream entities. As the meme coin had no mainstream use, its price had no positive factor supporting it.

Now with support from Travala, Shiba Inu will have the opportunity of recording a boost in its trading value.

SHIB Holders to Get $25 in Free Credits for Traveling

While using the Travala application, the Shiba Inu users will be able to gain the opportunity of earning free travel credits that would be worth $25.

The offer is exclusive for the SHIB holders, which may also compel other users to acquire SHIB and then use it to earn the free credits. This is going to increase SHIB’s exposure in the mainstream market.

With more people adopting and using SHIB for transactional purposes, the utility of the meme coin would eventually increase in the public markets.

The users will earn the free credits as they proceed with booking their trips and confirming them through the Travala website.

Users to Use the SHIB Link for Eligibility

Shiba Inu officials have confirmed that they have provided the link to the Travala location on their Twitter handle.

The users must make sure they use the particular link that would act as a referral link. This way, Travala will be able to track that the users have been directed by Shiba Inu and they will receive the said credits.

When the users access the link, they will be sent to a page where they will set up a new account. The existing users will be able to use the link also and they will earn the $25 free credits.

The recent move made by Shiba Inu may prove to be the key step that helps it grow stronger in the mainstream market. At the time of writing, SHIB’s trading price is at $0.00000896, after a 1% dip.

In the past 30 days, SHIB has lost 12% in its value but the situation may soon shift and lean in favor of the bullish trend.