In recent months, the mindset of investors has changed a lot when it comes to focusing on major cryptocurrencies.

There was a time when people were interested in going after major cryptocurrencies just because they were quite popular among investors.

People went for the assets regardless of their overall performances in the cryptocurrency market. Over time, the investors have started learning from the markets and are understanding how things work.

The investors are now starting to understand exactly how the markets are working and they are siding with the assets that have high potential.

They are not siding with major cryptocurrencies just because they have strong user bases or high recognition in the market.

Assets with High Volatilities

The investors are able to discern among the assets that may look volatile and at the same time they are volatile. However, their capabilities are limited and cannot offer many gains to the users.

Given the current market conditions, this is not what the investors want from cryptocurrencies. They are after cryptocurrencies and assets that offer high gains or have the potential to do so in near future.

Lately, Dogecoin (DOGE) and Cardano (ADA) have fallen under the category of assets that investors do not want to invest in.

Due to their weak gains-generating features, the investor is not interested to invest in these assets the way they did in the past. Now the investors are after other assets that are highly promising.

As a result of their weak performances and low gains, the investors have started siding with Flasko. It is a cryptocurrency that is gaining a lot of ground and prominence in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Performances of DOGE and ADA

Before we take a look at Flasko, it is important we look at the performance of two major assets; DOGE & ADA.

When it comes to DOGE, the meme coin is currently generating no market demand, making it less attractive. Although DOGE was among the top performers in late October trading sessions.

Its future is currently in a grey area due to the dark future of Twitter. The social media giant would have integrated DOGE on its platform.

However, Twitter is currently facing a troublesome situation and it seems that it could take a while until it fully comes out of it. Until then, DOGE has no strong positive factor to back it up.

ADA is also on the same page as DOGE but it has no positive factor in the pipeline that may push it like DOGE in near future. Even its trump card, the Vasil upgrade, has failed to bring much traction.

FLasko (FLSK) has a Bright Future

Flasko comes with a bright future and a great idea that will keep it going for the long term. The token is useful for the purchases of rare and luxurious whiskey, wines, and champagne.

The token is acquired in the form of NFTs but it will soon be allocated a physical backing in the form of bottles. Once the users buy the NFTs, they will be getting physical drinks.

At the time of writing, the value of FLSK is $0.085 and it is still within its presale 2 periods. It is expected to be launched in early 2023 and has a strong following to drive its price higher.