THORChain attempts recovery following extended plummets within the past couple of days. Recently, the alternative token retests the structural support around the $3 price mark. RUNE traded near these levels on February 23 and July 21 last year, following colossal bearish runs.

Things appeared somewhat similar this time as the token’s plunge emerged amid massive downturns in the marketplace. RUNE lost approximately 80% from the March-end peak to the current value areas.

While publishing this article, RUNE traded near $3.36, following substantial recoveries from the lows of $2.46, recorded on May 12. The token recorded pullback following the latest local low before ending the day at a FIB support line.

RUNE price appears on an upside recovery road. A near-term rally might see the token retesting the support floor around the closest FIB retracement zones at 38.2% and 23.60%. THORChain can discover support at $5.42 (23.60% FIB) and $6.90 (38.2% FIB).

Can RUNE Keep Its Bullish Trajectory?

THORChain’s price movements exhibited a massive oversold situation within the past couple of weeks, suggesting potential retracements for the alt. Also, the Relative Strength Index’s latest lows had the indicator inside the oversold region, supporting the highlighted expectation. Moreover, RUNE recorded healthy accumulation, supporting its prevailing recovery.

Also, the bullish performance within the past 72 hours signals bulls’ exhaustion, and bears can take over. The asset’s on-chain metrics match the mentioned observations. For instance, whales’ supply metric affirms sell-off thinning out. Meanwhile, Binance derivatives confirm recoveries to usual zones, therefore signaling the derivatives market’s interest restoration.

Also, developer activity witnessed a swift decline within the past five days. That might indicate the UST de-peg effects, as creators await normalcy to return. THORChain’s recent upgrade confirmed waiting for Terra to unveil a recovery plan.

Final Thought

THORChain’s late recovery may finally arrive. Nevertheless, that does not imply guaranteed uptrends. The market remains highly volatile, and the altcoin might encounter another downside move.

Though the alt traverse upside, it’s yet to fill inefficiencies seen amid massive bearishness over the past sessions. Interested investors should act patient when interacting with RUNE’s current upside.

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