Market players know Algorand (ALGO) and Avalanche (AVAX) as Ethereum competitors, but there’s Calyx Token (CLX), currently in the 2nd presale phase. This article analyzes three tokens with profitability potential amid uncertain times in the cryptocurrency world.

Avalanche (AVAX): Top Choice for DeFi Followers

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has been looking for protocols that solve Ethereum’s scalability issues and other limitations, including low-cost transactions, ‘smart’ contracts dApps, faster transfers, and increased throughputs.

Avalanche is a blockchain network operating on three chains – The p-chain running the network, X-chain powering exchange, and the C for DeFi activities. The platform uses AVAX as its native token. The alt has its max supply at 720 million coins. AVAX has seen extreme ups and downs, exploring $146 ATH in November last year and a $2.46 lifetime low in December 2020.

AVAX sustains downswings as the overall crypto sustains bearishness and high FUD. Nevertheless, it might be that time to hodl the token.

On 12 May, USDT saw a decline that threatened to lose its dollar peg. Tether performed a cross-chain swap to restore the $1 tie. That involved swapping TRC20 USDT to $20M AVAX reserves plus a $1B swap to ERC20 USDT from TRX20 USDT. If Avalanche proves reliable in such a situation, market players can consider AVAX, especially for the long term.

Algorand (ALGO): Low Price & Best for Long-Term

ALGO is another lucrative token running the Algorand blockchain platform. Meanwhile, developers introduced Algorand to solve the scalability trilemma like most tokens claim to unravel. Algorand revealed its success with its proposition, claiming to support and host Dapps on the Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC1)

Users can use ALGO tokens to pay network gas fees. Also, they can stake it to support transaction validation and receive rewards. Meanwhile, Algorand declared a partnership deal with FIFA in May this year.

ALGO remains volatile like other cryptos in the space. Nevertheless, its price history shows possible moves past ATH of $3 and above. Purchasing Algorand’s current price levels might be profitable if you are a long-term investor.

Calyx Token (CLX): A Community-Driven Crypto

Calyx Token provides instant cryptocurrency exchanges on the ETH platform and possible multi-chains. CLC tokens can run its ecosystem, including CalyxDAO and CalyxSwap. Developers will fully integrate CalyxDao by 2021 Q1 to facilitate staking and incentivize the exchange. Meanwhile, CalyzSwap ensures instant cryptocurrency transactions at lucrative rates.

According to CLX’s tokenomics, the token’s supply will be 1T, with 10% going to developers and management, 60% for exchange and liquidity, and 30% to the ongoing three-phase presales. For now, Calyx Token is in phase, ending on 6 June this year. You can buy the token at its current price. Moreover, visit their official platform for more information.